Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking - Lisa Murkowski Concedes To Pro-LIfe Challenger

About 2.5 hours ago, we heard Obama tell us that it's time to "turn the page".  Well, he may not like what's in the following chapters!

Alaskan RINO incumbent Lisa Murkowski just conceded the primary to Joe Miller.  Miller is another Palin-endorsed candidate who is victorious in his/her race.  That bodes well for Brian Murphy.


  1. Where is restoring DC Catholicism in this?

  2. I received a similar question to this before, and to that question I posted my beliefs in how there is much interconnectedness between politics and faith. I see no reason to repeat myself in this matter. While I realize there may well be differences of opinion on this, this blog will be governed by my beliefs on the matter.


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