Thursday, August 26, 2010

Congratulations To The Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers!

We pro-life folks have long been aware, and grateful, for the yeoman's work that our pregnancy centers do in terms of extending real assistance to moms-to-be who find themselves in dire straits.  Many children are alive today who otherwise wouldn't be without the cpcs, and there would also be that many more profoundly wounded women.

Predictably, the so-called "pro-choice" lemmings aren't so grateful to you in the pregnancy centers, for every woman whom you assist means to them a reduction in revenues from baby-murder.  Last December we saw a concerted attack on the Montgomery County MD centers (look back in this blog's December archives for that saga) and earlier, such an attack took place in Baltimore.  These are being replicated throughout the United States, inspired in no small part by NARAL's "Unmasking Fake Clinics" game plan.

We've become aware of another back-handed compliment that the pro-death cartel has paid to the pro-life pregnancy centers.  They are watching you!  Oh, yes indeedy!  They even have a website dedicated to tracking you!  Uh-oh!!  What is this site?  Drum roll, please!!

Take a look at it.  The way they parrot the NARAL buzz words is so pathetic it's funny!  "Fake clinics", "reproductive justice", "deceptive tactics", etc, they're all there.  CPC volunteers, look under "known clinics".  If you find yours there, consider yourselves honored!

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