Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brian Murphy For Governor Of Maryland

After years of being fed a steady diet of rabidly pro-abortion Democrats and milquetoast RINOs as candidates for governor, Maryland citizens have a candidate who espouses traditional morality and true conservative princples.  His name is Brian Murphy and I urge you to study his website.  I was at a fundraising event for him a few hours ago (where I took this picture of Brian and his wife Joy).  I believe he's sincere.  See what you think.

I will remind one and all that this blog isn't "not-for-profit".  Thus, I am completely at liberty to encourage or discourage votes for specific candidates for office.

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  1. Brian Murphy seems like a great guy, but he doesn't have a chance at winning in Maryland. Maryland is far too liberal of a state, and Brian Murphy's nomination would hand the election to O'Malley. A moderate Republican governor (Ehrlich) is better than a liberal Democratic governor (O'Malley).


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