Thursday, August 26, 2010

Georgetown Personnel Lead New Pro-Gay Gaggle

Father Joseph Palacios, a sociology professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC is a founding board member of a new dissident group called "Catholics for Equality".  A look at the list of board members is quite revealing.  Many of them have ties to the Human Rights Campaign (Fr Palacios is on that board, too) and other gay-rights groups.  According to this Metro Weekly article that comments about (its name is rather self-explanatory) run by anther CFE board member Phil Attey, Father Palacios is "an openly gay priest".

A review of this website reveals their intentions to proseletize among college students.  By the way, look at the right side bar, where one gets to "report anti-equality activity" at your parish.  To all faithful Catholics and especially you priests, let's all strive to get "reported"!

Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, wrote a letter to Georgetown president John DiGioia asking him to assure that no employees of Georgetown University will participate in this organization.  Please read Reilly's article on this matter.  I might question why Father Palacios is retained by Georgetown at all, if the Metro Weekly article is correct.

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