Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rohr To Roar Some More!

Why is this man starting to pop up like kudzu all over the place?  I have an idea why, but it's just my theory - more on that below. 

As I said this past Wednesday, he'll be at Trinity College on October 23rd.  However, the week prior to that, on October 15th, he'll be giving a one-day seminar at Fordham University in New York - a "Parish Staff Enrichment Day"!  Yippee!  Coming from a Jesuit institution these days, who's surprised?  Anyway, here's the announcement:

Parish Staff Enrichment Day with Rev. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
Friday, 15 October 2010
9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Rose Hill Campus

This will be an opportunity to reflect on creating a contemplative culture and a sabbath rhythm for parish staffs and faith communities.  The Rev. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., will offer a reflection on his new book, The Naked Now.

That book discussion should be a hoot!  What is with this man's grotesque fascination with nudity?  I do understand that  these things "just happen" at his gatherings; here's hoping it doesn't happen at either of these gatherings, since I assume there will be mixed company.  Now onto my theory behind this spate of Rohr's appearances.

My friend at Les Femmes did a more extensive write-up on Rohr's problematic and heretical ideas than did I.  Please read it and the sources cited therein.  As you do, please notice the theme of earth worship that seems to run throughout Rohr's thought.  Earth worship??  Now when did we hear that before?

It's one of the three points I mentioned in my post this past Thursday regarding the "climate change" scam.  I hope you all had the chance to watch the Real Catholic TV expose on this thing.  If not, watch it all the way through.  Voris explains how some in the Church, particularly the USCCB, are glomming onto this hoax.  Call me a "conspiracy-theory kook", but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if some behind-the-scenes big-wig is trotting Rohr out to drum up sympathy for the "climate change" schtick to prepare for something the Messiah Most Miserable might have up his sleeve.


  1. Oh my...
    Because you're proposing that the federal government is in cahoots with a segment of the Catholic Church to promote a theory that is universally accepted in the scientific community but in reality is false (and of course they know it!!!!), to the end of preparing for some vague power-grab by the Obama administration...and also because you asked for it, I'll say it and mean it. You're a conspiracy-theory kook.

  2. And Thomas....

    Obama will bring Hope and Change. And this will begin a post-racial period in America, 10 out of 10 unthinking lemming scientists agreed.

    Summer of Recovery is here, and gone at the same time?


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