Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Gay Marriage" Bill Introduced In Maryland Legislature

It's called the "Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act", and its purpose is to repeal a section of Maryland law that stipulates that only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid.  LifesiteNews has more discussion on that measure.

"Catholyc" Governor Martin O'Malley said that he would sign the measure if it passes the legislature.  In that case, we will bring the measure to referendum.


  1. Is "Catholyc" some sort of ridicule? If so isn't the request to be respectful and courteous a hypocritical request?

  2. It is indicative of the person who self-identifies as "Catholic", but whose public practices/statements/etc display no allegiance to the tenets that he/she professes. The charge of "ridicule" lies with such people who appropriate the name "Catholic" when they deem advantageous, but who blithely jettison their faith when they please.

    Mark, in following your link to your own blog, your own perspective is quite obvious.


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