Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gender Confusion Within The Church

No, I'm not referring to gays, "transgender" folk or anything else of the sort, so there's no need for my progressive lurkers to get themselves worked up in a blather.  The true situation, unfortunately, is even more basic than that, as my blogging colleague, "Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit" makes plain.

It seems that Rev Thomas J. Reese, S.J., erstwhile editor of America (until ousted by Pope Benedict XVI), has stuck both feet into his mouth - and apparently swallowed!  "Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit" reproduces some of Reese's remarks that he made at a forum on December 5th.  The most insipid of these is, "maybe God knows what she's doing."  That's right!  Father used a female pronoun while referring to God.  As a commenter says, since Jesus referred to the Father as a male, the Church will follow suit.  We must conclude one of the three following regarding Father Reese's remarks.  Either:
  • Father is suffering from extreme gender confusion when it comes to God, or
  • Maybe the "god" that Father worships does present itself as female.  In that case, the "god" is either a figment of Father's imagination or something far more sinister
  • "Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit" took his information from this National Catholic Reporter article.  Knowing that publication's progressive leanings, perhaps someone at NCR tampered with the transcript of Father's remarks.  If so, though, how is it that no one else at NCR caught such an error?
No wonder Pope Benedict XVI relieved him of his editorial responsibilities at America.  Recall that was one of the Holy Father's first acts during his papacy.  Now Father occupies that dissent-den known as Georgetown University.


  1. That reminds me of a feminist's question this week - that because the gospels were written by men, they must be biased and a woman's perspective is needed. Perhaps she could write it?

    You either accept the bible as God's word or you don't and it's faulty. The Church seems controlled by living men - who pledge to a God-man "I love YOU", beg His mother for intercession, hear our confessions, preach against violence and that women have equal inherent dignity... Can you imagine a god-woman turning the other cheek, allowing herself to be tortured and crucified, forgiving her persecutors as she didn't defend herself?

    Sure you could! And you subsequently would find few men worshiping her henceforth, completely unable to identify in any way. Only seeing or reading of a man doing this unnatural-for-a-man stuff would one gender of this world possibly be inspired. The other half I think have proven they would be inspired either way.

    Except the feminists. They see it as a man-dominated, man-biased belief. It couldn't be any more feminine.

    We must pray for them.

    God knows what He's doing - His followers have to believe this to be His followers.

  2. Did Archbishop and current president of the USCCB Timothy Dolan not do the same? Perhaps we should take a closer look at, "Our Lady of America" (not discouraged).

  3. It is time for the heretics to leave the Church and the squeamish bishops to buck up. Why doesn't Father Reese and his fellow travelers leave the Catholic Church and form their own religion instead of trying to remake the Church in their own image?

  4. Anonymous, yes he did say something to that effect, referring to "him, her, whatever you want". I touched on that on Nov 26-27th.


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