Friday, January 21, 2011

More On Kermit Gosnell, Philadelphia Baby Butcher

On Wednesday, I reported on the arrest of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist charged with eight counts of murder.  He was arrested with several accomplices, including his wife.  Operation Rescue has provided mug shots of these characters, along with charges filed against them.  Note how many are charged with performing medical procedures with no license.  The same Operation Rescue page links to the official grand jury report, as well as some photos of the murder victims.  I warn you, they are graphic, but they depict the horror of what those little people endured as they were brutally murdered.

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin writes about this, making the point that many officials and agencies knew of the horrific events - or at least had reasonable cause to suspect something amiss - yet looked the other way.   The National Abortion Federation was one of them.  Meanwhile Jeffrey Kuhner of the Washington Times aptly describes Gosnell's mill as a "house of horrors akin to those in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia".  I urge you to read it. 

I'll keep you posted as more information becomes known.

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  1. Even after he'd killed that 22-year-old patient, during all those years that he and his staff were "snipping" the spinal cords of live born babies, a National Abortion Federation member clinic in Delaware was letting him start illegal third-trimester abortions on their premises and finish them on his.

    Even after a NAF inspector visited his clinic (something that should have been done before they partnered with the man) and found it to be beyond redemption, that NAF member clinic in Delaware kept him on board.

    And now Vicki Saporta of NAF is crying about how heartbreaking it all is. Yeah, it's heartbreaking that y'all got caught.


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