Monday, January 10, 2011

Mr Speaker, We Are NOT Impressed!

(Note - the following open letter to Speaker John Boehner has been emailed to his office.)

Mr Speaker, it was announced that you are suspending this week all legislative business this week because of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.  While both she and the others shot are in our thoughts and prayers, we fail to see how this postponement will be of any assistance to them.  In fact, we fail to see how this postponement will serve any tangible purpose whatsoever.  Had Ms Giffords passed away, we would appreciate a period of mourning for a colleague, but such is not the case today.  We've no doubt that had the Democrats been in charge, that they would have gone forward with the vote (provided they knew it would go their way).

Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, the shrill cries of the left are shrieking throughout the public, blaming the shooting everybody and everything that does not conform to their distorted world view: Sarah Palin, Tea Party, talk radio, and so on (omitting the actual perpetrator, of course).  We hope and pray that this postponement is not an attempt to appease those shrill voices of nonsense.  Please be certain that you will be attacked by the mainstream media relentlessly.  There will be no reprieve, so you might as well get used to it.  All that being said, it was not the minions of the left who elected this Republican majority to the House; it was the people, the grass-root types (held in derision by the left) who elected you. 

In 1994 we also elected a Republican majority to Congress.  Frankly we were disappointed that the Republican majority didn't have the resolve to stand down the liberals who even then were distorting the fabric of our country.  We demand that this 112th Congress stand with backbones strong and straight and correct the course of this country, with no interruption or hesitation.  Accordingly, we write this open letter to you to advise you of our dim view of this postponement and what appears to be underlying motives of appeasement to the Left.  Again, Mr Speaker, it was not the Left who caused the gavel to be in your hands.  It was the people who will not be disappointed again.

In the name of all that is decent, Mr Speaker, hold the vote on the Obama Health Care repeal this week as you promised.

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