Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Hell Bill Ruled Unconstitutional!

Yes, it seems that sanity is returning to the judiciary - or at least a glimpse of it.  Mind you, the judge who ruled on this is a Reagan appointee.  Maybe the Gipper is giving us a birthday present from above, in anticipation of his 100th birthday that approaches this week.  This from Comcast.

Here's a salient point from Judge Vinson's opinion, regarding the purchase mandate.  "Or, as discussed during oral argument, Congress could require that people buy and consume broccoli at regular intervals. Not only because the required purchases will positively impact interstate commerce, but also because people who eat healthier tend to be healthier, and are thus more productive and put less of a strain on the health care system."  Boys and girls, let's be clear.  Michelle Obama would probably like to do precisely that - govern our diets!

Naturally, the administration will appeal this.  Let's pray that higher courts will have the same clarity.

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