Monday, January 3, 2011

Terri Schiavo's "Pontius Pilate" Retires

Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer will go down in infamy as the judge who several times in 2005 sided with Michael Schiavo to order the murder of Terri Schiavo via depravation of food and water.  However, he will pose no more threat to innocent and helpless people (hopefully) as he has announced his retirement.

Lifenews carries an account of his retirement, with a brief recap of the 2005 murder.  In it we hear of the outcry against Greer's decision.  His wife relates, "It was absolute hell, it truly was — we were captive in our own home.”  She also said that they once received a delivery of dead flowers. “I opened the card and it said: ‘no food, no water.’”  Well, boo-hoo, sniff-sniff!  Grab a hanky and shed a tear!  They were captive in their home?  They weren't captive in the way that Terri was, surrounded by malevolent staff and ex-husband intent on her extermination, denied vists by her parents and friends.  Moreover, if she thinks the flowers looked bad, perhaps she can ponder those shriveled up remnants and understand the state to which her husband helped reduce Terri!  Sorry, Patricia - I feel not one shred of pity for your traumatized little feel-bads!

I pray that Greer wakes up to the fact that he put an innocent woman through a brutal murder.  Perhaps he can ponder the historical fate of Pontius Pilate, who unjustly condemned Jesus Christ to crucifixion.  He needs to repent of his mortal sin of being a formal accomplice to murder.  Else, his immortal soul is in grave jeopardy.


  1. Don't you know it is a constitutional right ot refuse health care? That is the basis of the lawsuit against Obamacare. No one can be forced to accept health care.

  2. The constitutional objection to Obamacare is not so much the "refusal of health care" per se. Rather it revolves around Obamacare's forcing the purchase of health insurance. There is no constitutional basis to force citizens to buy health insurance, or any other commodity, for that matter.
    There is also ample reason to doubt that Terri refused care. Remember - her parents weren't allowed near her. Only her adulterous husband, who at the time was already shacking up with another woman who already had several of his children was allowed to call the shots, with blessings of Greer.
    There also remains for us Catholics the clear teaching that the provision of food and water is ordinary care, not extraordinary. Terri was starved and dehydrated to death; she did not die of her injuries, but was murdered by deprivation of the necessities of life.


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