Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gasp! "Inflamatory Speech" In Pakistan!

Recently Pope Benedict XVI called for Pakistan to modify its blasphemy laws in light of the death sentence being meted out to a woman who dared to state that Christianity is true.  Well, that is causing a major snit-fit amongst the perpetually-outraged Muslim devotees over there.  The American Papist has on his post photos of His Holiness being burned in effigy.  If that isn't "inflamatory" (literally!), then what is?

Yoo hoo!  Chris Matthews!  Tom Brokow!  All the rest of you liberal pundits!  If ever there was a need for "civility", it's in Pakistan!  Stop your silly tirades against Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Tea Partiers simply because they're conservative.  All the evidence points to Jared Loughner being on your side of the political spectrum anyway (notice I'm not blaming the libs, though, as Loughner is simply insane) and it can't be refuted despite your best efforts.  So make honest people of yourselves and call for "civility" in Pakistan.  Or do you all define "civility" as "being in lock-step with liberal/progressive agendas"?

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