Thursday, January 20, 2011

Correcting Abuses Of Vatican II

A little clarification on this post title is in order.  I do not mean that the Council itself was abusive.  I am saying that the proceeds of the Council, good in and of themselves, have been abused by progressives who have corrupted then co-opted them to their own nefarious ends.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is addressing these matters head-on.  The translation of Schneider's statements, mentioned in this Vortex, is here.  As you listen to Voris speak of Liberation Theology being thinly disguised Marxism, think back to yesterday's vote in the House, and the USCCB's reaction to the prospect of Obama Hell Scare being repealed.  Why else would the USCCB want to keep that draconian Obamacare mess on the books?  Guadium et Spec speaks against such attitudes.  If you wish, this blog does link to the Vatican website on the right bar.  Voris also states that the Pope, along with bishops in communion with him, are the only authentic interpreters of Church teaching - not the USCCB, nor RCIA, etc.  So again, what business did the USCCB have in prattling about firearm ownership by citizens?

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