Friday, January 28, 2011

CCHD Director Explains His Support Of A Pro-Abort Pol - Kinda!

Creative Minority Report does an excellent job of exposing the verbal tap dance that Ralph McCloud attempted in his lame "defense" of his support of a pro-abortion politician.   I won't rehash the whole thing here, as there is no need.  Please read it.  I will differ with him on one point.  He opines that McCloud is not fit to head the CCHD and should resign.  Au contraire!  He is an appropriate director for the CCHD, becaue it's the CCHD that is rotten to the core and from its inception.  It's not so much the case that McCloud should resign.  Rather, the whole entire USCCB - with CCHD included - should be scuttled immediately.  Its very existence is a bane to the Catholic Church, draining its resources to progressive organizations as Egan et al intended all along.

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