Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Laugh For Today!

I have to agree with Lifesite News that this thing is funny!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

It's billed as "an expose of the National Organization for Marriage".   And get this!  Are you sitting down?  According to this, "NOM actually maintains close ties with (gasp!) the Mormon church, the Catholic Church hierarchy, as well as right-wing evangelical pastors".  Oh, the perfidy, the shock and scandal of it all!!

Now that you've recovered from your fainting attacks, why not take a stroll over to NOM's website?  You'll notice that NOM makes no secret of its relationships - and why should it?  The defense of marriage as a God-ordained indissoluable union between one man and one woman is an honorable undertaking.

The outfit that produced the tripe that you just watched call themselves "NOM Exposed".  Well, let's take a stroll over to their website.  Right off the bat we see that this is a project of the Human Rights Campaign.  They, of course, are a "gay rights" outfit.  Consider the source.

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