Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Must Fight Contraception - Beginning In The Catholic Pulpits!

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He's right.  As long as the Catholic leadership demur from their task to speak out regarding God's plan for sexuality and the horrid evil of contraception, the murder will continue.  That makes them complicit in acts of murder.  There can be no side-stepping of this issue.

Speaking of side-stepping of this issue, how many remember the Manhattan Declaration?  Not too many?  It's probably just as well.  At any rate, in October of 2009, the Manhattan Declaration was considered a "seminal, ground-breaking document".  At that time, emails were flying about willy-nilly, and we "had to sign it or the world would disintegrate immediately"!  Remember all that peer-pressure hub-bub?  This document supposedly treated on all the cultural ills that we are facing today.  It did do a reasonably decent job of treating divorce, abortion, gay lifestyle, etc.  Still, something was missing - not one mention of it!  Given the topic of this blog post, I bet you can guess what this mysterious "something" is!  Yep!  Contraception!!

I couldn't sign the Manhattan Delcaration for the reasons Voris so eloquently states.  It does Irish jigs around the seminal issue of all - contraception.  I made my displeasure known, and repeat that displeasure to warn that to the extent that we are willing to overlook contraception, no matter the reason, to that extent we compromise with the culture of death.  It's time to throw this "polite silence" crap into the toilet where it belongs (and flush!) and speak the plain truth.  Not only does this onus fall on the shoulders of the bishops, but also on the shoulders of those who call themselves "pro-life activists".

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