Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liberal Tyranny Increases - We Must Stand Our Ground

There are some who cannot understand why people such as myself who abhor abortion are also beholden to the Second Amendment - the right to keep and bear arms.  After all, they reason, guns snuff out life just like abortion does, right?  Well, no.

Abortion is the murder of babies in their mothers' wombs.  Murder is defined in Catholic moral theology as "the deliberate taking of innocent human life".  The Fifth Commandment is most accurately translated as "Thou shalt not murder".

The Second Amendment is the guarantee of the right of every person to defend themselves and to have the means adequate to do so.  It is a necessary adjunct to the right to life.  If a person is attacked and takes the life of the aggressor while defending him/herself, that taking of life is justified.  It does not fit the definition of "murder".

The Founding Fathers were quite aware that an out-of-bounds government might well assume aggressive stances towards its citizens, and that these citizens had the right to defend themselves against even governmental aggressors.

Now here's the rub.  The Bill of Rights acknowledges certain human rights exist because God, not government, bestowed them.  They state plainly that government must acknowledge its role as guardian of those rights.  However, when abortion became liberalized by governmental fiat, government usurped the place of God in societal life.  Government at that time started to show a tyrannical face.  If government was not going to protect innocent life in the womb, no other innocent life would be safe from its claws.

Here's a "case in point".  Remember Bill Elliott?  He's the cancer patient who criticized Obamacare after he was told that he'd have to pay premiums almost 10 times what he was paying, owing to his cancer.  He said he'd take the penalty and "let nature take its course".  After the media attention, his broker found him a new policy.  Well, guess what?  Both Elliott and the broker who assisted him received notices of (guess!) impending IRS audits!  In the words of Gomer Pyle, "su-praz, su-praz, su-praz!"

If we really want a glimpse of horrors to come, we just need to look at some events in countries that are a little further along in the plunge down the socialism sewer.  From England's Telegraph we read of some social service tyrant who thought some lady might be an unfit mother.  They seized the woman and forcibly performed a cesarean section on her and took her baby from her.  This could have happened in Red China, but at least they didn't kill the baby.  I urge you to read it, and consider that some hgh-and-mighty bureaucrat could pull the same barbarian stunt here.

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