Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bimbo Video - A Segue To Women's Ordination?

First, let me highlight a point that I did make in my Christmas Day post, "More On The Bimbo Video".  I just now emboldened some lines previously written that made clear that what I wrote was in no way to be construed as an evaluation of the actress's character in general.  That said, she did agree to adopt the stereotypical mannerisms and personae of a bimbo.  I opine that was abysmally poor judgment on her part - but she chose to play a bimbo, now she owns the consequences.  I am not the only "mean-spirited" woman to be bemused by this mischaracterization of women.  Mary Jo Anderson, writing for Catholic World Report, in her own excellent article, nicknamed her "Coquette".  She briefly quotes the reactions of other Catholic women that are quite direct.

Having just learned of this article (which I highly recommend for your reading), I now believe it was that piece, rather than our US-based blogs, that caused the Pontifical Council for Culture to pull the video.  CWR does have far greater international readership than do we, and this article would have made tremendous blips on the Vatican radar.  However, her article is also in English.  The Council pulled only the English version of the bimbo-video.  The Italian version remains on their site.  Please note that below the video they did provide the script in English.  Why in the name of heaven did they bother to do that?  Would it not have made more sense to leave the English online?  How stupid do they think we are?  Or, more to the point, how stupidly can they act?

But the woman in the video asks "at what point are we today as women".  I redirect your attention to the window that opened when you clicked the first link.  Please check the comments section for information from commenter Marie, for which I thank her.  Therein she cites a post by Eponymous Flower, dating back to November, just after the Sin-Nod.  This post exposes the heterodox Pablo D'Ors, appointed as Consulter for the Pontifical Council for Culture by Pope Francis.  Please read the EF post, as I believe Tancred is onto something.  D'Ors dabbles in Zen Buddhism, describes himself as "erotic, mystical and weird" with a "life full of loving relationships" and yes, he's a priest.

Tancred's article starts by saying, "The Pontifical Council for Culture  is preparing an 'opening' towards women priests?   Pablo d'Ors, appointed papal Consultor of the Council for Culture since July 1st, is convinced of a realignment. 'While orthodox Church representatives are being kicked out from the Vatican, heretics are being brought in,' said Messa in Latino about the Spanish priest, novelist and Zen Buddhist and his interview in the daily newspaper La Repubblica."  No doubt there is a realignment, and it's to the detriment of the Church and the souls entrusted to her care.

As for the answer to that first question regarding an "opening towards women priests", I strongly suspect the bimbo-video is part and parcel of that opening.

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  1. This is only inspiration to answer their ridiculous call. I'm preparing my video and even if they ignore it, they will have to listen to it.


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