Friday, December 19, 2014

Pope Francis And Obama Bow Before Fidel And Raul Castro

Many have learned that the Messiah Most Miserable made moves to "normalize" relations with Cuba, with ostensible "assistance" from the Holy Father.  In reality, both men only served to ensconce the murderous Castro dynasty even deeper in Cuba, thus solidifying the de facto slave status of the Cuban people.

I link to a number of links to explain why this action is nothing short of a disaster (nothing new for either Obama or Pope Francis).  Lee Edwards explained in his piece why our embargo against Cuba was established in the first place.  The Acton Institute delved a bit into the pope's role in facilitating discussions between Obama and Raul Castro.

Senator Marco Rubio, himself of Cuban descent, gave an interview with Mark Levin.  He explains how the US garnered nothing from this exchange while the Castro regime will only be enriched by it, leaving little for the Cuban people.  Cuba has been a base from which Communist regimes took hold in Latin America (some were subsequently evicted).  Our current pope has demonstrated socialist leanings.  Might there be a link?  Either that or he's simply bereft of any common sense regarding the nature of atheistic communism.

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