Monday, December 1, 2014

CCHD Currently Funding A Planned Parenthood Partner

Here is Reason # 5,289 why no Catholic should ever donate one penny to CCHD.  It may well go towards aiding and abetting Planned Parenthood.

The Lepanto Institute, under the leadership of Michael Hichborn, has discovered that the CCHD is granting money to the Cleghorn Neighborhood Center, a Massachusetts-based "community-organizing" outfit.  On its Title X grant application, Planned Parenthood listed Cleghorn as a "community partner" - a partner that has referred young people to Planned Parenthood for "services" - including contraceptives and abortions.  I need not rehash the Lepanto report; please read for yourselves.

"But that's Massachusetts!  What does that have to do with our CCHD collection across the country?" you might ask.  Bear in mind that 75% of all collections are earmarked for the national CCHD office; only 25% of the collections are permitted to remain for local grants.  That means that the bulk of your donations are at the disposal of Ralph McCloud and company - should you choose to donate.  Please don't.

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