Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will Pope Francis Emulate The Climate Change Shysters?

Over the life of this blog I've done quite a few posts that expose the colossal hoax known as "climate change".  Here is one anthology of posts.  I suggest careful study of the first, and the video to which it links.

It appears that Pope Francis has glommed onto the global warming hoax, as it appears that he'll devote an encyclical to promulgating this erroneous theory.  Contrary to the yap and yammer from progressives, the science to which they refer is, at best, shoddy.  Much of the so-called "research" has been nothing more than elaborate scams, as the videos in this post anthology will reveal.

If such an encyclical is released, it will not touch upon the areas of faith and morals.  Of course we must ensure that we don't waste or carelessly pollute, but the underlying premise behind that obligation is that mankind is, in the eyes of God, above all other creation and the earth must be preserved for service to future generations of people.  If he's going to promote "climate change", he will be promoting a flawed theory based on junk science.

Someone suggested to me that the leftists may be hyping this up in hopes that the pope will fall in line behind them like a mouse following the piped piper to its doom and that the actual encyclical will be along the vein described in the previous paragraph.  If that does happen that there is shilling for climate change, we are not obliged to obey error.  In fact, we will have the solemn duty to resist - respectfully, but unmistakably.  Here is an excellent post describing circumstances and ways in which we must resist even popes who might lead us into error, complete with papal citations.

Even if the encyclical is relatively benign, one may wonder why he chose that topic on which to base this encyclical.  Just a few months ago the sin-nod ended, a meeting in which it was suggested that there might be "positive value" to sodomite mortal sin.  In a saner time, a bishop would have been horrified at the prospect of basic morals being cast into doubt.  This situation reflects a greater spiritual pollution that has corroded the minds and consciences of so many Catholics, a pollution that threatens them with damnation.  I don't believe this has escaped the pope's notice.  So why is he not addressing that as opposed to a matter that is not essential to eternal salvation?  Is there a decent answer to that question?

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