Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Are The Church Militant - NOT The Church Mellow

I learned from the Telegraph today that the Holy Father has dismissed Daniel Anrig from his post as commandant of the Swiss Guard, a position he held for five years.  The Pope announced this in a one-sentence press release.  While there were no specific reasons given, the Holy Father is said to want the Guard to be "less rigid" in its rules and even "less military".  Given recent patterns of behavior, I find these theories to be most plausible.

I'll be frank.  This is just one more instance of him thumbing his nose at customs and protocols that have been a part of the papacy for hundreds of years.  They may seem like minor matters (such as the slippers and apartments), but minor gaffes often turn into bigger gaffes (and they have).  However, let's look at the Swiss Guard, shall we?  By definition, they are soldiers.  While there is much ceremonial significance to their roles, they do have military training.  Their duties require military demeanor.  Anrig is being sacked because he takes seriously his role to protect the pope.  I understand his successor has been chosen and I mean the following to reflect at all upon this gentleman, who I understand is also a Swiss Guard.  Does the pope think that a troupe of "pajama boy bubbas" will be adequate for the security that his role requires?  What does he think he's leaving for his successors?

For me, the Swiss Guard is a reminder that we are the Church Militant - a term that has been in use for hundreds of years.  St Paul spoke of the Church in military language.  Many of the early converts were Roman soldiers.  Only in the past fifty-sixty years has the "flower power" mental poison corroded the thinking of church leaders.  The former Cardinal Bergoglio would be among that generation of clergy most befuddled by that kool-aid.

Other manifestations of the "church mellow" (also known as Church of Nice) thinking were occasioned by the pope's recent trip to Turkey.  It was bad enough that he prayed in a heathen temple, but upon his return, he told reporters that "islam is a religion of peace" and "the koran is a book of peace".  These statements are not only a denial of the truth of islam, but are a slur on the memories of those who've been, and continue to be, butchered by muslims precisely because they are Christians.  I link now to an article - with a video showing the "religion of peace" in action.  WARNING - it is a video of a beheading; that is why I will not post it here.  Please be of strong stomach and keep children away.  I link to it only to dispel the dangerous notion that "islam is a religion of peace".  Nothing could be more untrue.  Pope Francis - and Cardinal McCarrick - will you now wake up?  We need real men - not aging hippies - to stand up for Christ!

Speaking of real men, please watch the Vortex below to understand how some church leaders are systematically discouraging authentic Catholic masculinity - such as displayed by Anrig.


  1. How you echo my sentiments EXACTLY with every blog entry! Almost like you take the words right out of my mouth:) I'm wondering where the Holy Father gets his info about Islam being the 'religion of peace'? (and other matters) I'm even wondering if he has so much as read the Koran? Or even parts of it? That would be my suggestion.

    There are so many questions about the head of the Swiss Guard sacking. We will probably never really know, but if he didn't like certain things in particular, why not do as other reasonable employers would to him and make requests. I would think that may be the 'humble' thing to do, but hey, that's just me, maybe I have the concept of humility all wrong. Whatever he does especially if it involves things of this nature, seems to slip into the right hands and make it into the mainstream. Hmm.....curious. Fact of the matter is, seems as though this Holy Father is in the mainstream news nearly every day.

  2. "Where does the Holy Father get his info about Islam being the 'religion of peace'?" Certainly not from real church history!


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