Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stench Of Corinth In St Peter's Square

Three days ago Pope Francis celebrated his 78th birthday.  Regrettably the celebration featured an immoral dance, the tango, which was expressly condemned by Pope St Pius X in 1914.  On Pius' behalf, the Vicar General of Rome wrote "The tango, which has already been condemned by illustrious Bishops and is prohibited even in Protestant countries, must be absolutely prohibited in the see of the Roman Pontiff, the centre of the Catholic religion."

I post two videos below the jump break.  One gives more details behind the prohibition of the tango.  It also shows a Mass in 2008, celebrated by then Cardinal Bergoglio, when the tango was danced in front of the altar, as part of the "thanksgiving".  Boys and girls, can we say "sacrilege"?

The other shows the debauched dance being performed in St. Peter's Square three days ago, with the approval of Pope Francis.  Can it be that he was simply unaware of the condemnation by his sainted predecessor?  I hope I'm wrong but I highly doubt it.

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