Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Le Figaro Interviews Cardinal Burke

Lifesite News reported on an interview given by Cardinal Burke this week to Le Figaro (Rorate Caeli has the entire English translation).  Among other things His Eminence said (quoting LSN), "it is amazing that those who have defended Catholic teaching and practice on withholding Communion from those in publicly irregular sexual situations, are being accused of being against the Holy Father, and of not being in harmony with the Church.

His Eminence has suffered persecution in spades.  His ouster from key Vatican positions happened in retaliation for his defense of the Teachings of the Church and of Jesus Christ against the progressive rot within the Vatican.

I and several of my fellow bloggers have experienced a microcosm of these accusations.  For example, I've been told that I'm "down on the pope" and "mean", etc.  Clearly we have a classic case of "if you don't like the message shoot the messenger".  It won't work for the truth will come out.

By God's grace we will continue to defend Holy Mother Church in whatever way we can.  We hope and pray more will join us.

May all my readers, with their families and friends, have  blessed Christmas!

UPDATE!  CASE IN POINT!  The Catholic bishops of England and Wales are accusing faithful Catholics, and those who stood up to the Kasper bullying at the sin-nod, of being Donatists.  They call their screed "Reflection Document for Clergy".  LifeSite News has the full scoop on this document that gives thinly-disguised carte-blanche approval for "katholycs" thumbing their noses at the Church's teachings - with assistance from dissident clergy.

So I guess that makes me a neo-pelagian donatist, mean-spirited person, in the eyes of progressives and libs.  Coming from them, that's a badge of honor.


  1. A most blessed Christmas to you! Let us continue to speak the Truth!

  2. May the Christ Child Bless you and yours most abundantly, and yes, as Joe said, let us stand for the truth of Christ in His Holy Catholic Church, swords in hand and armor polished and secured! And let us never forget.............WE WIN!!!!!


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