Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bimbo Video Gone?? NOPE!!!

Remember this and this?   Well, you be shocked - just shocked I tell you! - to learn that the bimbo video has mysteriously disappeared!  (ahem!)

Or...has it?  Remember - once something is on the internet, it never really goes away!  Never-ever!

Perhaps I had a divine revelation from above, or some preternatural flash of wisdom!  Nah!  Those of us who've been dealing with progressive peons within the chanceries, Catholic conferences and yes, the Vatican, simply know too well how their brains churn.  I knew that the video would be pulled - not because they realized that the video reeked of both stupidity and immoral depravity, but because too many of us exposed it for the ungodly drivel that it is.  At least three of us, e.g., Creative Minority Report, Tenth Crusade and this blog, exposed it.

Question!  Why do they think the mere pulling of the video will do them any good?  Without a proper apology, they simply look like bumbling fools in damage-control mode.

Knowing that the video might be pulled, I made certain that it would never quite go away.  Here it is! You'll need Windows Media Viewer to watch it.

By the way - the gal suggests emailing  Why don't we use that email address to comment on both the cheesy video and even cheesier way in which they're trying damage control here?

To Vatican/Church officials: Any communications with this blog will be publicized.


  1. The Italians still think it is great!

  2. The Italians may indeed think that this video is the greatest thing since pasta, but American women (at least a good number) recognize the sexist, exploitation of women in this video. It's not hard to spot actually. And they want women to give them feedback? I'll give them feedback, but not the kind they're looking for!!!!

  3. And............I will take Restore's advice and email them with my 'feedback'.


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