Thursday, December 25, 2014

More On The Bimbo Video

On Tuesday I commented on the disgraceful video produced by the Pontifical Council for Culture (if that clip is what they produce, they really aren't any culture council at all, but I digress).  Yesterday my friend and blogging colleague at Tenth Crusade put up her own take on the matter.  Truth be told, I thought her analysis was more superior and in-depth than was mine.  She is absolutely right.   That woman who "starred" (using the word "starred" loosely) in that flick adopted the personae of the typical dumb-blond-sex-kitten bimbo.  That observation is not to be construed as an evaluation of the woman's character in general, but one must question why she played that role.  Perhaps she thought it was ok since it was a Vatican venture; that is its own can of worms and does speak to scandal emanating from the Vatican.

I don't know how much the Pontifical Council for Culture paid this woman to purse her lips and squint her eyes in what Tenth Crusade aptly describes as seduction to get her point across.  At least they allowed her to be decently dressed but otherwise it clearly was an abuse of her sexuality.  The fact that any Vatican agency would see fit to release that clip that is just a few steps shy from pornography only points to corruption and lack of Catholic morality in that Council and perhaps at higher levels of the Vatican.  If there is indeed that kind of laxity of Catholic morals, is it too much to fear that there might well be a lack of belief in Jesus Christ Himself?

I went to Christmas Day Mass today.  The gospel was from John 1:1-18.  Please read, for it speaks of the importance of authentic belief in Jesus Christ.  This bimbo-video is the antithesis of what one might expect from those who really hold dear their God and their Church.


  1. I'm not surprised by anything coming out of the Vatican at present. The dissidents seem to be calling all the shots. Does the Holy Father really have no control over what goes out? THAT is the question!?

  2. You did a great job with your post Janet!

    This was the best example to date of his agenda.

  3. More about the Pontifical Council for Culture that produced and brought you this video:
    " In an interview with La Repubblica on 5 November, he said that for "the next General Assembly" of the Pontifical Council for Culture is for common ground, which will be convened in 2015 on the topic of "female culture", an "opening" in the direction of women priests. He will attend and is "absolutely sure". Pablo d'Ors added: "And I am not alone." Last July 1, Pope Francis appointed Pablo d'Ors as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture .

    Father Pablo d'Ors describes himself as "erotic, mystical and weird". His life had been "full of loving relationships, reading and travel, also reckless". This helped him in his appeal that he discovered at the age of 27. "Knowing human love, divine love helps to better understand" said the Claretian. "Could be. If indeed so many chaste young men and young women also apparently have dedicated themselves in the course of Church history with all their souls and with all their bodies God?" Said Messa in Latina about that.

    The Church's understanding of culture is especially "inappropriate" toda for Father d'Ors. Compared to the high culture, this understanding is only B-Class. It was necessary to adjust, stop trying to be an "alternative", but a Christianity in "dialogue" with the living world.

    Priests are better living with a woman: "The time has come"

    He has written several novels and is considered the "most German" among living Spanish writers. In one of his novels, the main character, a Slovak woman, goes to bed with all the great writers of the 20th century. Pablo d'Ors said in an interview, a priest lives better with a woman at his side. Why? "Because the time is now ripe." But that was only his "personal opinion".

    Realignment of the Church Planned in Terms of Women Priests?

    The Pontifical Council for Culture "can't talk about it". There you will, however, talk about women priests. "I think there will be a realignment at the next General Assembly"

    He has also written some non-fiction books, including his most successful book BiografĂ­a del silencio (Biography of Silence), in which he says, each "should create a work of art". In line with this premise seems to be his default setting: "An important criterion to measure the spiritual vitality of a person is their willingness to change. To resist life is a sin, because life is in constant development ," according to the ancient Greek aphorism Panta Rhei .

    To be allow himself to be "swept away by life" - "If I were not a Christian, I would be a Buddhist"

    Pablo d'Ors and the art to "aggiornare"
    Pablo d'Ors also advocates a "new form" of asceticism. It was outdated to build life on a solid rock, because on the quicksand you can admirably live an "authentic spiritual vitality". Rain, raging rivers, winds and storms are not a problem because one must allow himself to be "swept away by life".

    A shame.


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