Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pope Francis Basking In Unawareness?

HT to my friend Carol at Tenth Crusade.  I do have some commentary on yet another revelatory "spontaneous interview".  I do not understand just what in hell would constitute "a healthy dose of unawareness".  This sounds like willful ignorance: a sinful self-inflicted condition.  If any parent were to say that when commenting about the condition of family members, we'd understandably consider them to be uncaring, negligent idiots.  It's their God-given duty to be aware of the status of those in their charges.  How do they plan to answer to God for this "unawareness" at their particular judgments?  Will they have the audacity to blame God, claiming He gave them the "unawareness"?  What we'd say for those ditz-brains of parents might well be ascribed to the pope, if what was quoted is accurate.  I hope there's a clarification of this whopper, but I won't be holding my breath.

Perhaps, though, the "unawareness" might be similar to what we see below.


  1. Such a phrase reminded me of a term used in the American legal system, namely, "depraved indifference." I looked up the term and found that, in many states, a death resulting from such a state (also known as "depraved heart") constitutes second degree murder in most states.

    If such a state of mind is proof of serious guilt in bodily death, how much more must be the judgement of a cleric whose depraved heart causes the spiritual death of damnation to members of his flock? Ezekiel gives us the Lord's warning about this judgement twice, which indicates the gravity of the situation.

  2. In reading His Holiness’ comments during the interview one gets the impression that he is in a hurry. Then thinking back at all his activities, rushing to sites outside the Vatican, the writings, daily homilies, interviews, constant work with no time off, etc., leaves one to wonder if he knows or suspects something urgent in his or our future or just what is going on with his rushed leadership style?

    PS: Our local convert, Matt DiMartino, was interviewed by Marcus Grodi a few weeks back for The Journey Home on EWTN. That episode airs tonight, December 8, at 8:00 p.m.

  3. Sometimes "a healthy dose of unawareness" means "a healthy dose of intellectual laziness." But are we to judge?


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