Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Looks Like All Hell Will Break Loose At The Next Synod

About 2-3 weeks ago, I put up a post in which Cardinal Burke publicly asked the Holy Father not to allow long-settled matters such as the sinfulness of homosexuality and remarriage of divorced people to be fodder of pointless debates.  Debates about these matters are pointless for Our Lord has made known His mind about these quite unmistakably throughout the years.  Cardinal Burke also suggested that we all petition the Holy Father along these lines.  Sadly wise words have fallen on deaf ears.

Sandro Magister of www.chiesa.espressonline.net advised that the preliminary questionnaire for the October 2015 synod was released; for now it's only in Italian.  The questions within it give clear indication that those matters will indeed be on the table for the October synod.

In an interview given to La Nacion yesterday, the Holy Father expressed some unfortunate sentiments regarding Holy Communion for those living in adultery - sentiments that bode ill for the October synod.  I quote one below for commentary.  "In the case of divorcees who have remarried, we posed the question, what do we do with them? What door can we allow them to open? This was a pastoral concern: will we allow them to go to Communion? Communion alone is no solution.  The solution is integration. They have not been excommunicated, true. But they cannot be godfathers to any child being baptised, mass readings are not for divorcees, they cannot give Communion, they cannot teach Sunday school, there are about seven things that they cannot do, I have the list over there. Come on! If I disclose any of this it will seem that they have been excommunicated in fact. Thus, let us open the doors a bit more.

"What doors can we allow them to open?"  Answer - the door to the confessional, with a proper desire to quit the sinful relationship as befits authentic repentance.  Divorcees who have remarried without a declaration of nullity of their first marriages are by definition living in a state of adultery.  That is mortal sin, a direct violation of the Sixth Commandment.  For their own good they are prohibited from Holy Communion and from all prominent places of service to the Church.

What I stated in the paragraph preceding this is nothing more than Church teaching for these past hundreds of years.  Once upon a time every child who attended Catholic school was well-versed in these matters.  So why, oh why, are the perennial teachings of Holy Mother Church allowed to be debated, doubted and questioned by the very prelates who are tasked by Our Lord with their protection and promulgation?

As I said, I believe all hell will break loose at the synod.  I don't mean "hell" in terms of strenuous argument but in terms of spiritually deadly heresies being insinuated into the proceedings by those from the highest offices of the Vatican.  If that's the case, we'd better pray that more like Cardinals Burke and Pell will raise their voices and, if necessary, pound their fists on tables in defense of the truth.


  1. I fear things are even worse since there appears to be a solicitation for providing possible rationales to do the kinds of things that shouldn't be done or even considered. As such, we will be treated to the decidedly un-Catholic Jesuitical twisting of the languages and meanings of words to make it appear that doctrine is upheld when it will actually be undermined.

    May St. Pius X intervene to help us crush this new tidal wave of modernism seriously threatening the Church once again.

  2. Is it possible that the Holy Father ,,,, IS NOT HOLY?

  3. This is the way I define things: Modernism is non Catholicism, or anti Catholicism. Tradition is true Catholicism. Simple as that. These 'proposals' are Modernism at its finest. I am tired of hearing things like: 'Don't worry, the Holy Father will not change a thing.' If you change the 'Pastoral response' and allow and even encourage these people into full communion with the Church, you change Church Doctrine, without 'formally' changing Church Doctrine 'on paper' so to speak. But......these are not the only people he wants to bring back into 'Full Communion' with Mother Church, same sex unions are on the table as well. This is an 'IN YOUR FACE HERESY'. It's not rocket science. Who does he think he's kidding? (I mean with all due respect) If he means to bring these people back into the Church without the benefit of the sacraments, what is the point of that? The sacraments are a means to salvation, no? What is the point of bringing people into the Church without the sacraments? The 'Church' without the sacraments is an empty shell. It's just another Protestant Denomination. Pray for the Holy Father, he seems to be extremely confused, and this 'confusion' will be at the expense of the Church of Christ.

    It looks to me like maybe this is the plan: Get rid of enough traditional Cardinals and fill their positions with enough modern thinking Cardinals that will swing the vote in favor of HERESY. I hope and pray I'm dead wrong. I hope and pray this is not really the plan after all. I would love to eat a good dose of 'HUMBLE PIE' after the 2015 Synod.

  4. "What doors can we allow them to open?" Answer - the door to the confessional,

    Thanks for the info. This is a good reminder to keep praying for the Synod, the family and orthodox priests.

  5. Living as "brother and sister" is not preached enough today. It needs to be, because this is the answer for those in situations like this. Pray for courage on the pulpit!



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