Monday, December 22, 2014

Cuban Refuge: I Am A Catholic Without A Pope

A few days ago I commented about the US-Cuban disaster that was brokered in part by Pope Francis.  Some of that deal's most vociferous opponents are Cuban refuges.  A Cuban gentleman in Florida, who was a political prisoner of the Castro regime for 16 years reacted to the deal by stating "I'm Still  Catholic till the day I die, but I am a Catholic without a pope."

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski chided these Catholics by saying "you can't build a future on top of resentments."  May I suggest that those Catholics whose concerns are dismissed by this bishop are not so much resentful, but knowledgeable?  They know the evils of which the Castros are capable for they have lived through it.

Would someone please point me to one single concession for human rights to which the Castros agreed as part of this shyster deal?  All I see is opportunities for some American businesses - with US money lining the pockets of the slave-drivers over there.  The only thing I see being fostered is the enrichment of the communist thugs.

That this pope helped foster this dismal arrangement is a disgrace and a slap in the face to the Cubans who suffer and continue to suffer because of socialism and communism.

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