Sunday, December 28, 2014

MD Public Schools Accommodating Sharia Law

Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD (that's Prince George's County) is allowing qualified students to leave class for eight minutes daily to pray.  These students all happen to be members of the Muslim Students' Association.  About ten are participating and more want to do so, but some teachers are balking at the idea.

Would this same school allow Christian students a similar break so that they can read their bibles somewhere?  Why do I think that's a ridiculous question?  Will these Muslims have their own room in which to pray (I believe they like to face east when praying)?  Would that mean this school is favoring Islam above other religions?  Of course - but Islam falls within politically correct, progressive standards.  They'll get a free pass that other faiths won't receive.

In Montgomery County, all the school board incumbents were elected.  Did PG County suffer the same fate?  We really must issue some pink slips next time.

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