Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Progressive Spokesperson Suffers From Foot-In-Mouth Disease

I wonder if by now Father Rosica realizes that he charged headlong into a quicksand pond and is now reaping what he sowed.  At any rate, another progressive spokesperson has engaged her mouth
without putting her brain in gear.

I speak of Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the State Department.  Her ideas for dealing with Islamic terrorism seem to come from the script of the musical "Hair".  She seems to think that bad guys with weapons will not be stopped by intelligent and decisive use of force.  She said we can't kill every one of them, so we need to get jobs for them.  I wonder if she plans to visit their camps and insert daffodils into the barrels of their machine guns.  We certainly hope her plan can be implemented before all the illegals snatch up those coveted jobs.  It's a pity this genius wasn't born during the 1930s, for if we had just found jobs for all the Nazis (remember - the Great Depression was in full swing), why, World War 2 might have been avoided!  Here's some Fox News commentary on this matter.

But if Harf's ideas take hold, here's what implementation of them might look like (and yes, it is a spoof).

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