Sunday, February 22, 2015

From The #Rosicagate Department - The Underlying Madness

Note before we begin.  Yes, we have both a new "department" and hashtag here.  I will be using them and invite others to do the same as new developments will undoubtedly unfold.

The Lepanto post linked to an address given by, and an article by Fr. Rosica.  They are fascinating for they reveal the true dissident mindset of this Vatican official.

First, let's look at an address that Rosica gave at Loyola University in Baltimore.  The Catholic Review published a transcript of that.  Please read it on their site.  I'll highlight some rather revealing snippets from that.  I'll do that "bullet style".
  • Speaking of Pope Francis' election to the papacy he asks "How can we describe the sense of springtime that has come upon the church?"  What??!!?  This is rather revealing of his attitude towards Pope Benedict XVI and perhaps toward Pope St John Paul II.  Further talk of "revolution of tenderness" underscores this point.
  • He writes "He has declared that the church’s main mission would no longer be as a lead combatant in the culture wars."  Let's clarify terms, shall we?  By "culture wars" we are talking about the core spirituality and morality that define western civilization.  Western civilization is being threatened with the acceptance of abortion, homosexual lifestyles, contraception, euthanasia.  Additionally, western civilization is unraveling because of an abandonment, if not outright rejection, of its Christian heritage and history.  Part and parcel of the Church's primary mission - to save souls - is to combat the moral rot that will lead to the damnation of souls.  As the Church established by Jesus Christ Himself, it is only fitting that the Church retains and even expands its leadership role in the "culture wars".
  • He asked and answered a question: "What is the most important achievement of Pope Francis?  He has rebranded Catholicism and the papacy."  Well, he certainly has done that to the latter; but why should that be considered an "accomplishment"?  The papacy is 2000 years old, established by Jesus Christ Himself.  What?  Did Our Lord not do a good enough job of "branding the papacy"?
  • In short, Rosica has shown his disdain for the history and traditions of the Church by portraying the Pope as some avant-garde person who will attempt to set the Church on a new course.  While his portrayal of the pope's intents may well be correct, his enthusiasm over the de facto mutation of the papacy is nonetheless regrettable.
This next article he wrote on the occasion of Ted Kennedy's very public funeral.  In it he excoriates those of us who protested the laudatory accolades afforded to someone who used his position to foment the murders of millions of tiny children in their mothers' wombs.  I won't pick apart his numerous logical fallacies regarding the funeral per se, nor even of his disparagement of concerned pro-life blogs.  I do want to point out some odd contrasts between what he wrote in this article and his actions against Vox Cantoris.  
  • He says the writings of pro-life bloggers reveal "a new form of self-righteousness, condemnation and gnosticism reveals authors who behave as little children bullying one another around in schoolyards- casting stones, calling names, and wreaking havoc in the Church today!"  Speaking of "bullying" and "wreaking havoc", how may we characterize his legal threats against a Catholic blogger?
  • He writes "What such people fail to realize is that their messages are ultimately screamed into a vacuum. No one but their own loud crowd is really listening."  Well, that's not true and he knows it.  Else, why is he attempting to sue Vox Cantoris into silence - and to intimidate the rest of us?
I refer you to the Lepanto post for more ironies and contradictions evident between Rosica's lofty words and his despicable actions towards Vox Cantoris.  I publicly call upon the Vatican to rein in Father Rosica as his actions are besmirching their appearance before the eyes of the world.


  1. When Rosica spouted off his famous line about 'The Holy Family being "irregular", that was enough for me to realize what this guy was all about. Nothing would surprise me that comes out of his mouth, and it seems as though the Holy Father has surrounded himself with such Prelates. And, we are still waiting for either Fr. Lombardi or the Holy Father to come out with a condemnation of this Stalin like tactic of suppressing voices of those in disagreement with heresy. As I've said before, guess we shouldn't hold our breath waiting.

  2. Oh and just another observation: What a put down to Benedict!!!! He said something to the effect that the most notable and greatest action of HIS Papacy was to 'Step Down'??????? This man is a peach, eh?


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