Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catholic Freedom Of The Press

Yesterday's Vortex speaks to several things.  Voris addressed the "good old boy" network in the Catholic hierarchy as they try to undermine Holy Mother Church under a cloud of secrecy.  He's also addressing the existence of those of us faithful Catholics who simply won't allow these progressive lemmings to get away with that status quo any longer.  This blog was started for these very reasons as they exist in the Archdiocese of Washington.  In his words, "the Catholic free press has finally arrived and is ready to get down to business."

That last truth is what causes the Catholic progressives to gnash their teeth.  I've no doubt that the attack on Vox Cantoris by Father Rosica is part and parcel of a campaign to derail us.  Of course they'd like that accomplished well before "Sin-Nod 2" next October.  Father Rosica et al, that ain't happening!

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  1. Right you are............'it ain't happenin' but, expect a fight to the finish. I believe now is the time 'the gloves come off.'


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