Saturday, February 21, 2015

Physician Assisted Suicide Before Maryland Legislature

In the Maryland House and Senate, a "physican-assisted suicide" bill is in the hearing process.  Note: I will now cease usage of that lovely-sounding language and call it what it is - murder by doctor.  The bill numbers are:
I linked to the bills so that you can study them.  I also linked to the memberships of the pertinent committees so that you can lobby these members for opposition to "murder by doctor".  Make no mistake about it - it's murder, pure and simple.  We cannot allow this bill to be passed - at least not without a valiant effort to prevent even more legalized murder in Maryland.

I was given the information above by an email alert from the Maryland Catholic Conference.  For that I am grateful, but the delivery of the information causes me great concern.  I'll post the relevant section of the email below.

Do you see the problem?  Two bills are being put forth for action as though they have equal weight in importance.  Clearly they do not.  One, the "murder by doctor" bill, involves the legalization of actions that are always intrinsically evil.  Of course Catholics and all good people must oppose this.  The other involves issues that are subject to prudential judgment by individuals.  Because the Maryland Education Tax Credit does not touch upon matters of inherent morality or immorality, good people can disagree when it comes to support of this bill.  The MCC has always had an unfortunate "laundry list" approach to various issues, treating all issues as though they had the same importance.  For this reason I do not participate in their Lobby Nights in February; I believe we must focus all energies and efforts to driving intrinsic evil from our laws.  Other matters can wait.

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