Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pope Meets With Lesbian Couple - To What Purpose?

By now you've probably heard that the Pope met with two lesbians on Saturday January 24 in Vatican City.  One of them calls herself a "transgender man", having mutilated her body to resemble one.  She calls herself "Diego".  As she probably did legally change her name, I'll call her that.  However, I will NOT use masculine pronouns as I refer to Diego, as I refuse to acquiesce to her lies.

It seems that she felt rejected by her parish after she commenced the mutilation procedure and complained to the pope via letter.  After some back-and-forth, Diego and her partner in perversion traveled to the Vatican and met with the pope.  While the pope and his office are mum on the details and proceedings of that meeting, Diego isn't.  Her version of it is that the pope was accepting of their perversions and even went so far as to say to her "of course you are a son of the church."

Now we haven't heard corroboration from the Vatican on this.  It could well be that Diego is flat out lying about that statement.  I certainly hope so, simply because Diego is not a "son of the church" but rather a daughter of the church.

Father Peter Carota, who writes the "Traditional Catholic Priest" blog, noticed some interesting parallels in some situations where the pope contacts those who consider themselves "marginalized" because of their ongoing sinful lives.  As you read this, think of his encounter with the Argentine woman married to the divorced man; the pope told her it was fine for her to receive Holy Communion while living in de facto adultery. These people feel uncomfortable in their local churches, precisely because they are being confronted with their deadly sins.  They whine and somehow their complaints are heard by the Vatican.  In reply, the pope offers them some very public "compassion.  As Father says, this compassion is misplaced for it does not correct the sin that will cause eternal damnation.

Again, we don't know the Vatican's version of what happened during that meeting, and we might well never know.  However, we are not completely in the dark about what happened, for even though the women might be lying we can glean a lot from the nature of what they say, be it ever so true or false.
Sometime ago it was explained to me that when truth is proclaimed plainly and properly, the reactions of the hearers will fall into two general categories. In one category will be those who are convicted of sin and who thus repent. The other category are those who won't repent, and they'll make very plain that they hate what they heard. The reactions of those women fall into neither category as they both had very positive things to say about their encounter as they continue to carry out their perverted lifestyles.  They even plan to "get married".  In short, their reactions are those who did not hear unambiguous truth and who were not the recipients of the First Spiritual Work of Mercy: that is, "rebuke the sinner".

We need to pray for those women, that they be delivered from the path that seems to be taking them to eternal hell.  We need to pray that our shepherds, including the Chief Shepherd in the Vatican, start taking their sacred duties seriously.

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