Saturday, February 28, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Stands Firm Against Modernist Onslaught

Last week I wrote of Archbishop Cordileone's directives to the teachers in his diocesan schools that they are to exemplify Catholic teaching in both word and conduct.  In that post I wrote also of the behavior of California lawmakers attempting to bully the archbishop into dropping his morality requirements.

Progressive wishful thinking to the contrary, the good archbishop is standing firm.  The progressives have hired a public-relations hit-man firm called Singer Associates Inc to go after him.  As I said before, if the educational institution were a Jewish or Muslim one, there's no doubt that they'd be left alone to hire/fire teachers according to the dictates of their creeds.  These days, only Catholics are so ill-treated.

Please extend thanks and encouragement to this bishop.  Contact info is found here.

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