Friday, February 27, 2015

The Deaths Of Two Polar Opposites

Both these men, who died just this week within days of each other, were prominent at the University of Notre Dame, a formerly Catholic institute of higher learning.  One was an enemy of the faith who undermined the faith of many Catholics and the morality of this nation.  The other was a brilliant legal scholar who also championed the faith and unborn children.

I'll start with the enemy of the faith - Father Theodore Hesbergh, former president of Notre Dame and much of the reason why its Catholicity is in tatters.  I've written about him in the past and urge you to read the postings, and to pay special attention to the embedded video detailing Hesbergh's conspiracy with the Rockefellers.  A low point to Hesbergh's career was his spearheading of the Land O Lakes statement, in which the signers declared that Catholic institutions of higher learning owed no allegiance to the Traditions and dogmas of the Church.  Oh, by the way; Cardinal McCarrick signed it.  There is no doubt that when Obama gave the 2009 commencement at Notre Dame, that Hesbergh was gloating in the background.  He certainly is NOT gloating now!  Pray for God's mercy on his soul.

The champion of the faith is the late Dr. Charles Rice.  He had a long and distinguished career as professor of the Notre Dame School of Law.  He was a faithful Catholic and advocate for the unborn children.  The Cardinal Newman Society released a tribute to him.  Below I'll post a Vortex tribute to him, as Dr. Rice hosted some shows with  We pray for his soul, too, that any stay in purgatory be rendered brief.  We also ask his prayers for those of us who remain to carry on with the work of establishing a culture of life.

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