Monday, February 16, 2015

Cardinal Maradiaga Continues His Espousal Of Socialism

I've written quite a bit about the harm that Cardinal Maradiaga is inflicting upon the Church: his dalliance with the World Social Forum, his encouragement of the encroachment of illegal aliens and his foolish embrace of "climate warming" (we could use a little warming right now, but I digress).  Now consider that he is the head of the "gang of eight" prelates that are serving as top advisers to the pope.

Today the Catholic Herald UK gave details about remarks made by the cardinal at a book presentation recently.  In the words of the Herald piece, "The book includes an interview with Pope Francis responding to accusations that he is a Marxist or a Communist because of his insistence that the economy, finance and free market must be controlled to ensure a greater distribution of the world’s wealth. A portion of the interview was published in January. 'I did not say anything that is not in the social teaching of the Church,' he said in the full interview."

This "insistence that the economy be controlled" begs some questions.  First, who or what should be doing this "controlling"?  That makes a world of difference.  If that controlling is done by the government, well that is socialism by definition.  And if the pope and cardinal think that socialism does not contradict Church teaching, what do they say about the words of previous pontiffs?

Further down the article, we see the cardinal grumbling about "bank officials" being allowed to retire comfortably and play golf while others are struggling.  Again, who does this "allowing"?  Have you ever noticed how these socialists like to couch their sentences in passive voice?  When one uses passive voice in a sentence, the subject of the sentence is usually not mentioned as it would be in active voice.  Thus we see things like "being controlled" and "being allowed", phrases that shift focus on the receiver of the "allowing" and "controlling" as opposed to the initiator of the action.  If the initiator were made manifest, then most would see plainly the intentions of the Maradiagas of the world and rightfully reject them.

By the way - if Maradiaga wants an image of a powerful person wantonly playing golf while people to whom he answers are suffering, I direct his attention to the picture at right.  The Messiah Most Miserable has taken copious golf trips paid by the taxpayers of this country, many of whom are financially strapped owing to his draconian taxes, etc.  When will Maradiaga rebuke him?  The answer is "never" for he and Obama are of the same mind in all too many respects.

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  1. Once again, you have nailed it! Before long they will be referring to themselves as the vanguard of the proletariat.


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