Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mic'd Up - UnCatholic Media

In today's Mic'd Up, Michael Voris takes on "unCatholic media".  He places four groupings of media organizations under that umbrella:
  1. Establishment Catholic media - for example, the official publications of the various dioceses
  2. Dissident media - examples include the publications of Catholics For Free Choice, New Ways, etc.
  3. Reactionary media - Under this category he places the Remnant, Catholic Family News
  4. Secular media - Washington Post, Boston Globe
Below is the video.  As you watch it, please bear these posts in mind.  They pertain to Vortexes that he put up several months ago.  As background, he is responding to criticisms from others for not pointing out the pope's faults.  In my own posts I acknowledged he had the right to determine his own policies in what he published.  Where I did take exception was his lambasting us who did point out dubious papal doings and sayings.

Since the time of those regrettable posts, the number of papal gaffes have multiplied to such an extent that no reasonable person can escape noticing them and that is evident in the video below.  Pay close attention to his conversations with Edward Pentin (particularly at the 12:20 mark) and Christina Niles (particularly at 36:00 as she speaks of "right diagnosis").  Perhaps it was the muck and mire proceeding from last October's sin-nod that proved the tipping point; who knows?

As far as that first grouping of "establishment Catholic media" goes, one such outlet can be thanked for the origin of this blog.  The Catholic Standard's obstinate refusal to acknowledge the problems in the DC chancery left me no alternative but to start this to get the truth out.  Now the video:


  1. Haven't had the chance to watch yet, but I will later. I am in some disagreement with him as well, as much as I agree with him 75% of the time.
    Thanks for this.

  2. OK, as a follow up to my first post. I have since watched the video. I find it very off putting that he does in fact mention some of the 'reactionary' media outlets by name and stating that they 'bash and trash' the Pope at every turn. I have frequented these news outlets and do not find that to be true. Because they are pointing out the Pope's (shall we say) irregularities loud and clear, I don't see this as bashing and trashing the Pope personally. As I have said before, we all as faithful Catholics not only have a 'right' to defend the faith even when it is a Pope that goes off the rails, but we have an OBLIGATION to do so. Michael Voris will loudly and clearly correct any Bishop or Cardinal that is not aligned with Church teaching, but he won't say anything of the Pope's maligning of Church teaching?

    I do believe CMTV for some unknown reason has a 'hands off' policy on anything the Holy Father does that is 'off'. From what I was able to glean from the video, they seem to be hiding behind 'Papal Infallibility'. Sooo......the Holy Father has not 'declared' anything 'From the Chair', and so according to them, we are good to go. You cannot tell me they don't realize the harm the Holy Father can do to the Church from other 'teaching moments' that are not 'From the Chair.' I have no idea the 'why' of it all, but an interesting situation to ponder. Wonder if he agrees with Cardinal Burke? Another thought.......I thought the entire premise of CMTV was to expose dissent. As you pointed out, there have been so many Papal gaffes that it is hard to even keep up with them, let alone pretend that they don't exist. Strange indeed.


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