Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vatican Spokesman Suing Faithful Catholic Blogger

My blogging colleague Vox Cantoris has been targeted by Father Thomas Rosica, Vatican spokesman.  Within the linked post you can see another link that is a pdf of the letter he received from Rosica's attorneys.  Take a look at it and you can see that Rosica doesn't like it when his public statements draw comments that aren't favorable to him.  The whole list of grievances reads like a big temper tantrum.

Here's a post from Vox that probably knotted his knickers.  Notice the picture of a tweet that Rosica sent.  A reasonable person might conclude that Rosica agreed with the depiction of Cardinal Burke as a "dissenter" (the word "dissenter" being redefined by Cardinal Wuerl).   Yoo, hoo!  Father Rosica!  Here's a fact that you'll do well to learn: when you make a public statement, you invite public comment!  If those comments are going to hurt your poor widdle feel-bads, you'd do best not to put them out there until you grow up a bit!

I'm also a bit bemused by what appears to be a double-standard being exercised by Rosica.  His lawyers are carrying on about "defamatory statements" and "damage to reputation".  Father Rosica (and lawyers), what about these statements that Rosica lodged against LifeSiteNews several years ago, voicing publicly his opinions that LifeSiteNews is:
  • "not ethical"
  • "not honest"
  • "bombastic"
  • "not credible"
  • "doing the work of Satan"
So Rosica can voice his opinions against a faithful Catholic outlet, but let another Catholic outlet voice their opinions about his public conduct - and he tries to break out the long knives?  I fail to see how this is proper conduct for a person involved in the media, let alone a Catholic priest.

In that incident with LifeSiteNews, Rosica trash-talked LSN in the same breath that he used to call for "civility, charity, kindness and humanity".  I now believe that was a tactic to try to stifle LSN.  That didn't work so now he's going the legal route.  That won't work, either.  We will speak the truth.

Today's Vortex deals with this matter.  Here it is.


  1. This is incredible. As Michael Voris has pointed out: 'Who at the Vatican that is a superior to Fr. Rosica knows about this? Fr. Lombardi is his direct superior, does he know? Would Fr. Rosica have had to obtain permission to do this? If Fr. Lombardi does indeed know, does the Holy Father know? Hmm.... if the Holy Father knows that would be strange indeed, seeing as though he has asked for open and honest discussions, more than once! Clearly, this is an intimidation tactic. An attempt to silence faithful Catholics. will NOT WORK!

  2. We should all be writing to the Vatican asking for answers. The only email I could find was for the Vatican press I suggest everyone send a polite inquiry with a call for the persecution of David Demet to cease immediately. He should also receive an apology. As for Fr. Rosica, he needs a slapdown.

  3. Thanks for the email address. I will definitely ask (politely of course) for answers to this outrage. I have a very vague but unrelenting stomach knot that the wolves are just beginning to 'sharpen their teeth for the kill'. I just read headlines at pewsitter (not reading the article yet) that the head of the new FFI, Fr. Angelo Geiger, slams Rorate Caeli for 'false reporting'? It looks as if we may be witnessing the beginning of a plan to silence the faithful.


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