Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From The #Rosicagate And Maturation Departments: More Food For Thought

Father Timothy Scott, a Basilian priest in Canada and former spokesman for that order, tweeted an obscene acronym to Cardinal Burke.  After well-deserved outcry from Catholics everywhere, Scott took down the tweet and issued an apology (of sorts) to the cardinal and Catholics in general.

Most people will recall that Father Thomas Rosica is also a Basilian priest with strong Canadian ties (namely his Salt and Light broadcast venture).  Like Michael Voris and so many others, I see a strong correlation between Scott's tweet and Rosica's legal action against Vox Cantoris.

Michael Voris produced a Vortex today that asks many relevant questions regarding these two.  The timing  of these is no accident, as Voris points out.  I'll go a few steps further than Voris and postulate that these actions are part and parcel of the "maturation" that the pope wants us to undergo to soften us for the deluge of heresy that will probably pour forth from next October's sin-nod.  As an aside, I too look askance upon all this legal expense being incurred by Rosica.  Where is this "poor humble church" about which the pope waxes so eloquent?

It is clear from the Vortex that it was created before the news broke that Scott has been removed as spokesman for the Basilians.  Will he also be removed from the Canadian Bishops' Conference?  We might also ask if Rosica will keep his job at the Vatican.  If he does, I believe that will be quite indicative of the mindset of Father Lombardi and perhaps the pope himself.


  1. If Fr. Lombardi does indeed answer to the Holy Father himself, he would keep the Holy Father in the dark about this marxist like tactic? I think not. Unless of course the Holy Father is allowing the people close to him complete free reign. Somehow I find it very hard to believe that the Holy Father is 'blind' to all this, but???????

  2. Oh, and BTW, this heavy hand looks very similar to what they did to the FFI, eh?

  3. Has Fr. Scott be permanently removed or just suspended?

    1. Suspension? I believe he was just removed from that one post. I haven't heard whether or not he retains his position at the Canadian Bishops' Conference.


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