Saturday, February 21, 2015

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department: CA Lawmakers Attack Faithful Catholic Bishop

As many of you undoubtedly heard, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, chief shepherd of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has taken actions to ensure that Catholic schools within his archdiocese are correctly imparting the Catholic faith to their students.  He has revised teacher contracts and faculty handbooks so that they outline the moral conduct expected of Catholic teachers.

Naturally progressives have knotted their knickers over the fact that a bishop is acting like (wait for it!) - a true successor to the Apostles!  Call to Action, a group well known for its dissidence, has launched a petition for the removal of the "outdated and discriminatory" morality clauses from the contracts.  Of course God's laws are never outdated, but these folks don't serve the One True God anyway, so anything goes with that cabal.

What truly is chilling about this matter is that several California lawmakers have chimed in, using the weight of their offices to "ask" the archbishop to remove the clauses that they say "foment a discriminatory environment".  This pdf of the letter reveals that it was written on official letterhead, presumably produced at taxpayer expense.

Ladies and gentlemen, this action on the part of these lawmakers flies in the face of the Constitution.  The First Amendment was written to prevent such tampering by governments in the internal affairs of religious bodies.  This action, taken by state officials to intimidate a bishop from proclaiming his faith in his church and schools does the very thing that it ostensibly is trying to prevent: the "fomenting of a discriminatory environment".  Can you imagine these lawmakers writing anything similar to a Jewish or Muslim school system?  Neither can I; hence I have consigned this matter to the "niggers of the new age" department, for once again faithful Catholics are being treated as so much kudzu and trash.  Of course this is San Francisco, with a high percentage of gay residents.  The laws of Jesus Christ speak truth to practicing homosexuals, making plain that their behaviors are mortally sinful and will greatly increase their chances of eternal damnation.  They gays, of course, hate hearing that and they pull the puppet strings of the California lawmakers.  It should be pointed out that at least one of these lawmakers is an unabashed sodomite.

Posted on Speroforum is an open letter to the legislators in question, written by my friend and Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block.  The attempt of these lawmakers to interfere with internal matters of the Catholic Church is an affront and an outrage.  Please write your own and/or call at the numbers below (provided by California Catholic Daily, another CMC colleague).

Assemblyman Phil Ting (DEM – San Francisco (415) 557-2312.
Assemblymen Richard Gordon (DEM) – (916) 319-2024 or 650) 691-2121
chaired the LGBT caucus for 3 years, his “husband” is Dr. Dennis McShane, his first partner died of AIDS;
David Chiu, (DEM) (415) 846-8108 is associated with the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance;
Marc Levine (DEM (916) 319-2010
Kevin Mullin (DEM) (916) 319-2022
Sen. Mark Leno (DEM) (916) 651-4011
is also a member of the LGBT caucus
Jerry Hill (DEM). (916) 651-4013

See here for a list of emails.

The archbishop himself has responded to his attackers via open letter, showing them the logical fallacies of their intimidation attempt.  Good for him!

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