Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Envirowhackos Prepare For Pope's Visit

From the Washington Post we read that several envirowhacko groups are planning to stage a rally on the Mall on September 24th, when the Pope is due to speak at the Capitol.  Their permit application reveals that they expect several hundred thousand to attend this thing.  Note on the Post site the picture of the poster thanking the pope for Laudato Si.  They intend to make "the moral case for reducing greenhouse gas emissions".

So they expect around two hundred thousand.  Alrighty then!  Now just how are all these environmentally-conscious activists planning to get to this rally?  I assume the great bulk will be from out of town and from different areas of the country.  In keeping with their aim of "reducing greenhouse gas emissions", will they eschew cars and planes?  Do they plan to hike on foot here?  Or maybe they'll come via horses and wagons?  Surely they don't plan to increase their own carbon footprints with gas-guzzling planes and cars now, do they?  Do they???  Well, I think we know the answer to that!

Noami Klein herself let the cat out of the bag regarding the real use that progressives have for environmentalism.  It's a ploy to foist socialism, with all its atheistic and anti-life underpinnings on humanity.  And yes, the pope is in on it; let's stop pretending that he's a naive but lovable ol' grandpappy.  Whatever else he is, he's not stupid.

We now have an idea why the United Nations has embraced environmentalism, along with Agenda 21 and all the socialist philosophies underlying them.  Why else would Ban Ki-Moon have attended the Vatican-sponsored environmental summits?  We have noticed these patterns and the Vatican tries to poo-poo our concerns.  Perhaps they protest too loudly.

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