Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yet Another Reason Why Patheos Is Pathetic

One Peter Five (featured in my blog list) published a piece on why he doesn't believe women should be lectors.  For the record I, a woman, share that opinion and for many of the same reasons as enumerated in his post.  Owing to God-ordained differences in roles, I do not believe women have any business being in the sanctuary of a Church.

Deacon Kandra who pens the Patheos-hosted blog "Deacon's Bench" took issue with the piece, holding it up for ridicule.  What were his reasons?  Well, he didn't quite get around to articulating his case.  Since he doesn't have a comments section, he apparently doesn't want discussion and debate abut his writings.  My suspicion is that he didn't like the nod to tradition evinced in One Peter Five but knew he had no sound basis.  So he quotes the piece, says it's stupid and thinks his readers will fall in lockstep.  Such is the intellectual vacuity of many of the Patheos pieces.


  1. Yes, I read Deacon Kandra's post that was a link on Pewsitter, and you are correct that the 'left wing' both in the Church and in the political arena do NOT want discussion. Upon watching Raymond Arroyo on EWTN a few weeks back, his guest Kirsten Powers of Fox News, wrote a book about the arrogance of the left. (I cannot recall the name of the book) She stated that she thinks there are many on the left that want to shut down the discussion because they are so convinced that they are the 'sole authorities' on issues, and that frankly, the rest of us are just stupid. Of course, we are seeing this attitude both inside and outside of the Church. Deacon Kandra's post by not allowing a 'comments section' is a perfect example of this, I do believe.

    And, the 'left' inside the Church will not acknowledge the fact that there are theological reasons to employ 'Altar Boys' and not 'Altar Girls', women lectors, and also the dozens of people both men AND women that run around on the Altar as 'Eucharistic Ministers' that is not only not usually necessary, but an abuse as well. But.....try enforcing this as Archbishop Cordileone has, God Bless him, and see how far you get. Strictly speaking lay people are not supposed to even TOUCH the Blessed Sacrament, let alone distribute to the faithful. Communion 'in the hand' is a widely accepted abuse that the Bishops have allowed and even encouraged for decades now, which is a blatant disrespect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. But, the prideful left knows better than Holy Mother Church, they are 'smarter' after all, which is why we are experiencing a total breakdown in practice. The Church has basically been high jacked by these 'superior intellectuals'.

  2. I'm on the fence as to which was worse, the weakness of his "critique", or the fact that what was once elementary Catholicism struck him as a bizarre novelty worthy of ridicule. More than likely what makes him uncomfortable is the prospect that a restoration (please God) which successfully abolishes female lectors, will also eliminate the "need" for permanent deacons.

  3. I'm not that big on women lectors. I've seen too many low cut dresses and listened to too much over emoting but I have rarely been impressed with permanent deacons either.


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