Sunday, August 23, 2015

Traitorous Catholics Colluding With Planned Parenthood

First, some good news.  Speaker John Boehner's "health policy adviser", Charlotte Ivancic, has "resigned".  Recall that she is a sister of Cate Dyer, owner and founder of Stem Express, a partner with Planned Parenthood in the trafficking of baby body parts.  I strongly suspect that because the soon-to-be-released 8th CMP video will implicate Dyer, that Boehner doesn't want that albatross around his neck.  Now let's see if he can gin up enough spine and testosterone to do the right thing and divest Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.

Now the bad news.

Several years ago the Cardinal Newman Society did an expose of Catholic colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood.  These ties usually entailed:
  • faculty who were also affiliated with Planned Parenthood or some other abortion racket
  • students who did internships with abortion perpetrators
  • pro-abortion student groups on campus
They revisited their research in the wake of the CMP videos and found that not much improvement had occurred.  This is detailed in a report issued on August 18th.  In it is listed numerous such association.  It seems that Georgetown University won the dubious distinction of having the greatest number of such association in the whole cabal of them.

Two days ago I blogged that the new headquarters for Planned Parenthood of DC was being built by a Catholic-owned construction company called Pizzano Contractors.  Further research revealed that Robert Pizzano Jr, the CEO for the company, founded a charity in honor of his late son who had developmental disabilities.  It's called the Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund.  We know that many unborn babies are murdered when it is determined that they are disabled.  Therefore, on one hand Pizzano is memorializing his disabled son while on the other hand is facilitating the murders of babies who are targeted because they are similar to Joey in terms of disabilities.  Do we see the double standard, the mental disconnect displayed by Pizzano?  Pray for Pizzano and the faculties of these Catholic schools that they may remember to Whom they must give an account at the end of their lives.

I post below some video that I found of the rally at the new Planned Parenthood place in NE Washington.  As you listen to Pat Mahoney telling people to look into the rooms, consider that these rooms are being refurbished by a Catholic to be murder chambers.

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