Monday, August 3, 2015

Pope Francis - Doing Damage Control For Terrorists

I saw this on Facebook so I'm not sure when this airborne interview-disaster occurred, but either the pope is woefully misinformed or he is doing the bidding of progressive hacks.  In this interview he claims that Islam is a religion of peace.  Well, let some facts tell the truth - here, here.

It is true that the pope isn't saying himself that the Quaran is a "book of peace"; he's merely repeating the words of muslims who claim to be offended by being lumped in with the terrorists.  But think on this for a minute.  I've heard this talk before.  These alleged "moderates" talk themselves blue in the face by telling us that "not all muslims are like that".  I'm not impressed.  When was the last time you heard these so-called "moderates" publicly rebuke their terrorist-cousins for their crimes against humanity?  I do mean publicly address their rebukes to them as opposed to rebuking non-muslims for acknowledging that the Quran calls for the conversion or murder of "infidels".  I can't think of any, either.

Could it be that these so-called "moderates" are simply conducting another facet of jihad, that is, disarming of their opponents via guilt and appeals to "non-bigotry"?  They are the "damage-control" branch, designed to keep us from seeing the light and repelling them.  Regrettably the pope is aiding and abetting these "moderates" in their public relations "damage control" operations.

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