Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From The Maturation Department - Scandal At The World Meeting Of Families

About 2.5 months ago, Lepanto Institute alerted us to the fact that a lesbian activist would be in a key role in deciding what entities would be allowed to set up exhibits at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia next month.  We also learned at about the same time that Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput said that "non-traditional families" would be welcomed at the meeting.  My blog post at that time gives more details.  At this time I have received no indication that these two matters have been rectified.  I must assume that they haven't.

Lepanto Institute has once again done stellar work in exposing a more significant scandal, one that centers around the president of the World Meeting of Families, Robert Ciaruffoli.  Over the years he has made contributions to various pro-abortion candidates for political office, including to the campaign of a former Planned Parenthood director.  See the above link for more details.

Now you might wonder about the "maturation department" reference in this post's title.  Recall that after last October's extraordinary sin-nod, Pope Francis said that we had a year to "mature" in preparation for this upcoming ordinary sin-nod.  Almost immediately a barrage of meetings, pronouncements, appointments and firings etc occurred, all with the theme of undermining the Church's teachings on family and life.  I firmly believe that the retention of the dissidents in the structure of the World Meeting of Families is part and parcel of this "maturation".

One of these "appointments" is Archbishop Blaise Cupich of Chicago.  He was dissident when he was Bishop of Spokane and then was appointed to Chicago by the Pope.  Last Sunday he was invested with the pallium at Mass.  He preached on the family at Mass, saying that "we must not settle for solutions that no longer work".  Given past history we can surmise his meaning.  Yes, that link is to the New Ways Ministry blog, and they in turn link to the entire homily.  It is a sad day for the Church when an organization that foments mortal sin waxes lyrical about the preaching of an errant bishop.  By the way, the pallium signifies unity with the pope.  Regrettably this union is real.

I suppose because the sin-nod is less than two months away, that all stops will be pulled in last-minute "maturation" measures.

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