Monday, August 24, 2015

How God Is Blessing Russia

It has been quite ironic to see how Russia has embraced Christian morality lately, especially in terms of honoring the family as God ordained it.  However, not all are happy about it.  Madonna, the so-called "Material Girl", has vowed never to perform in Russia again owing to the latter's refusal to capitulate to the gay nazis.

So you see, ladies and gentlemen, there are blessings to be had from obedience to God's laws!  Think how much cleaner and clearer will be Russia's air, without the Material Girl polluting it with her porn-performances!  I almost begin to envy Russia!

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  1. I saw that article. Like you, I am hopeful that Russia will reclaim her Christian past and, please God, be reunited with the Church. But Russia still, alas, has a long way to travel before she fully comes back to her senses. There is still far too much tolerance for perversion there, even though one could say that this tolerance is a prudent move by the authorities, many of whom seem to be genuine Christians. It is also true that they have enacted some good, moral laws which are the first baby steps in the right direction.

    I found these prayers for Russia's conversion, which you might find interesting:

    aged parent

    Keep up your great work.


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