Saturday, August 8, 2015

Special Alert For Archdiocese Of Washington

My profuse apologies!  This did slip my mind until someone reminded me of this earlier today.  This weekend's second collection is for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, or CCHD.  Again they're trying to get clever by calling it "Communication and Human Development"; who they think they're fooling is beyond me.  I've written extensively on CCHD in the past; here is an anthology of posts for your review.

At any rate, please say #no2cchd by not giving them one penny.  In the second collection tomorrow drop them a note explaining why there is no money enclosed.  If you go to the link cited above and scroll down a bit, there is an example of a note that you can print out and put in your envelope.

Please pass this post along to others in the Archdiocese of Washington as soon as you can.  Thank you.

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