Monday, August 24, 2015

Battle Lines Being Drawn For The Sin-Nod In October

We know how some of the pope's closest advisers seem to hold God's plan for marriage in disdain.  Cardinal Maradiaga has made his leanings clear - brazenly clear.  So has Archbishop Cupich, the newly-appointed delegate to the sin-nod.

Fortunately it seems that faithful prelates are also organizing themselves to keep the Vatican in line with traditions mandated by Christ.  Father Z reveals that eleven cardinals have collaborated on a book that has as it aims the stemming of the "protestantization of the Church".  Like the "five cardinals" book of last year, this promises to be of great help in preserving truth.  I do hope that, unlike the "five cardinals" book, that this book is preserved from progressive sticky-fingers.  I understand from that same article that several African bishops are publishing their own book in defense of marriage and other traditional teachings.  Speaking of African bishops the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference published a statement pledging resistance to the Culture of Death.

Last week John Smeaton of Voice of the Family released a statement outlining why this sin-nod's Instrumentum Laboris should be recognized as a threat to authentic family life.  With all the pro-abortion folks being wined and dines at "shadow synods" and other gab-fests at the Vatican in anticipation of the sin-nod, can we still be in denial about the ruckus that awaits us in a matter of weeks?

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